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Adobe Fireworks

Between Rude, Hannah Milan, Michel Bozgounov, Giovanni Lauricella, linus lim, Eyal Cagan, Jason Rutherford, Sazzad Hossain, Tiago Camargo, and EatShootRock

linus lim posted

What is one feature or workflow in Fireworks that you can't do without? #adobefireworks

linus lim posted

@abogawat Ok, one is really hard, so I'm going to name two - Pages and the ability to apply an effect multiple times to the same object.

linus lim posted

@robsurrency I can't live without the align panel. #adobefireworks

linus lim posted

@christianmagill Easy object selection. So much better than Photoshop.

linus lim posted

@stephensauceda The Property Inspector by far. Having fill, size, effects, etc in one handy panel = ♥ #AdobeFireworks

linus lim posted

@JimBabbage Picking only one is tough, but I would have to say Pages. It makes #adobefireworks very unique and useful for web and app design.

linus lim posted

@toddjreynolds Probably the ability to extend #AdobeFireworks. Keyboard Resize by @fwextensions and @SPECCTR hold a special place in my heart.

linus lim posted

@fwextensions Yeah, Keyboard Resize is far and away the extension I use most in #AdobeFireworks.

linus lim posted

@NikCA just being able to see heights and widths of objects by clicking on them makes photoshop seem painful to deal with

linus lim posted

@DeeSadler wireframe w/Pages to Design

linus lim posted

@KoehlerBear Individual slice export. So good for front end web development!

Sazzad Hossain posted

Pages, align, easy organization of layers, easy export, vector tool options, masking options, and much more. If none native, then this list includes Specctr and Placeholder.

Michel Bozgounov posted

The super-sleek integration (absolutely seamless!) of vector and bitmap tools! Priceless!

Jason Rutherford posted

Going to cheat and mention multiple: Easy object selection (this is what pains me most when using Photoshop), Pages & the ability to share layers across pages.

Tiago Camargo posted

1- Filters
2- Pages/States/Layers
3- Path's Tab

Hannah Milan posted

Pages :)

Rude posted

Tough question here. There are lots of things in Fireworks that make it unique and genuine, but I'm going to say extensibility is the key. Having the possibility of easily creating and integrating your own tools and workflows is just awesome.

linus lim posted

@stephenmdixon The pages feature.

EatShootRock posted

Pages... definitely pages

Eyal Cagan posted

I will cheat and say 'The work flow' being able to work in one software on one file from concept to production, includes exporting what you need in any format with supporting code snippets.
It's the only graphic software I know that is 100% 'Object Oriented, i.e everything is editable and includes dependable at will.So you can control everything and anything form the workspace, most of it from one place...
What combining Photoshop and illustrator could be, Fireworks is!

Giovanni Lauricella posted

Hello :)

Giovanni Lauricella posted

So I say to my work almost all the expansions, I'm testing the panel tracks. Fish-eye tool does not work

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